Computer Use Policy

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    Macquarie Regional Library Internet and Computer Agreement

    Terms and conditions

    1. Users of the Internet must abide by Library policies and follow the directions of library staff.

    2. Access and use of the Internet by children (under 16) is the responsibility of the child’s parent or guardian.

    3. Clients are entitled to two single hour blocks per day. Bookings for the computers are in one hour blocks or part there of with a minimum of 15 minutes.

    4. Users must adhere to all relevant legislation including copyright laws and licensing agreements.

    5. Macquarie Regional Library takes no responsibility for the security of personal or other information users may choose to place on the Internet i.e. through Internet banking or by filling out forms on the Internet.

    6.The Internet must not be used for the display of material that is pornographic, obscene, in bad taste or which may be found to be offensive. This includes material or any act that may incite hatred or violence, and any illegal act or relating to any illegal act.

    7. Macquarie Regional Library has no control over the content of the Internet and reminds users that some content may be offensive to other library users.

    8. Staff cannot provide technical assistance in the use of the Internet.

    9. Inappropriate use of the Internet may result in cancellation of Internet access or further action including banning from the library.