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If you need help finding a good book come and ask the staff or take some suggestions from here

NEW BOOKS Books added to the library in the last two months.

BOOK LISTS Lists of reading suggestions, choose from chick lit, dystopian, paranormal romance and many more.

WHO ELSE WRITES LIKE...? A readers' guide to fiction authors.

WHO NEXT...? A guide to children's authors.

BETTER READING Independent book recommendations for Australian readers.

LITERATURE MIND-MAP Enter an author's name for a mind-map of similar authors.

WHICHBOOK Find a book to suit your mood.

LITERATURE RESOURCE CENTRE Offers a broad and representative range of authors and their works, including a large collection of full-text critical and literary analysis.

BOOKS AND AUTHORS A readers’ advisory database for discovery of books by author, genre and topic.

FANTASTIC FICTION Browse bestselling fiction authors, books and series. Track your favourites and discover new authors.

GOODREADS Find and read more book you'll love, and keep track of books you want to read.