Centenary of World War One

The following videos and audio stories were created to commemorate the centenary in 2015.

 Reg and Russell Brown (video)              Corp James Harding (MP3 8.4MB) (audio only) 
 Cedric Grant (video)    Private Robert E Munkton (MP3 8.5MB) (audio only)
 Wilfred Mcdonald (video)    Brig Gen James Heane (MP3 9.8MB) (audio only)
 James Rhodes (video)    Private '303' Bob Holl (MP3 10.3MB) (audio only)
 Tingarra Boys (video)    Matchett Brothers (MP3 7.7MB) (audio only)
 Nurses of WWI (video)     Sandy Letter (MP3 8.5MB) (audio only)
 Dipso (MP3 10.7MB) (audio only)    The Worthingtons (MP3 9.5MB) (audio only)
 Nat Barton (MP3 29.4MB) (audio only)    Dr Edmund Henry Burkitt (MP3 8.6MB) (audio only)
 Walter Rupert Tink (MP3 7.7MB) (audio only)  


ANZAC Memorial Walk

Ten Plinths were erected in Victoria Park by Dubbo City Council in commemoration of the Centenary of WWI. Each plinth tells a story about one aspect of the war and can be viewed here:

1. Conscription
2. A Soldier's Diary
3. The Patriotic Home Front
4. Soldier Joe Cox
5. German Citizens of Dubbo
6. AIF Training Camp
7. War Horses
8. Indigenous Soldiers
9. Armistice Day
10. The "Coo-ee" March