Patriotic Home Front

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The outbreak of war in August 1914 unleashed a huge wave of enthusiastic support for Britain. Like the rest of the nation, the Dubbo community united in support of Australia’s role in the First World War. At a town meeting held days after the declaration of war in 1914, it was recorded that “Dubbo desires to express its unswerving loyalty to the King in the hour of crisis, and desires to do all that lies in its power to forward the interests of the Empire.”

While the frontline remained a faraway experience for most living in Dubbo, the community worked tirelessly to support the war effort. Women in particular became active, not only in organising fundraising efforts but in filling roles vacated by men on service. Many joined the Red Cross or took part in drives to collect socks or other goods for ‘our boys at the front’.

The Dubbo community’s support during the four years of the First World War included coordinating hundreds of annual events to raise funds and lift morale. 




An Anzac Day Centenary Commemoration Project by Dubbo City Council